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Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever
Sport Rim Brake Lever

Sport Rim Brake Lever

Great performing and reliable rim brake lever at an affordable price.

- Forged main body and blade with precision CNC machined features.
- Ergonomic blade shape feels supportive and comfortable with a wide range of reach adjustment.
- 13mm piston and carefully selected leverage ratios allow a shorter and stiffer blade to be used without a loss in overall power.
- Replaceable pivot pin features locking grub-screw and unique hidden ‘backup’ securing system.
- Injection molded piston using tough, low moisture absorbing engineering plastic specifically designed for use with Trialtech brake fluid.
- Fitted with two UK made seals.
- Optimal bleed port position, air always rises to the bleed port exit, helping improve fluid change ease and quality.
- Low profile ‘leg-saver’ split clamp using a custom forged 7075 bolt.
- Optimal main hose exit angle helps prevent tangled and damaged hoses.
- Custom extra-tough M6 cr-moly bleed blanking screw.
- Supplied with a unique custom made bleed adaptor and hose.
- Left or right side specific but can be flipped in urgent situations (the pivot pin should be turned around for added security).
- Spares available separately, including upgraded piston seals and locking TPA in a choice of coloured fitting kits.
- Compatible with all slave cylinders.
- Available with Standard reach or Short Reach (SR) lever blade.
- Custom CNC'd aluminium Short Reach (SR) blade features reduced reach and two finger braking area (14% shallower than standard blade) designed specifically to increase the lever comfort and performance for riders with smaller hands/fingers.
- Anodised satin black with stylish and subtle 'Sport' laser logos. Anodised satin black Standard blade or anodised satin black Short Reach (SR) blade.
- Weight: 88.5g (Standard blade), 83.3g (SR blade)

Standard Blade
- Max. reach*: 97mm.
- Min. reach* at full travel with no TPA: 35mm.
- Min. reach* at full travel with full TPA (max. 5mm recommended): 49mm

Short Reach (SR) Blade
- Max. reach*: 67mm.
- No limit on minimum reach with full TPA (max. 5mm recommended).

* Reach measured from centre of bar to front edge of the lever blade brake surface.


Please note: Best performance achieved using mineral oil or Trialtech rim brake fluid. NOT compatible with DOT fluids.