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Race Forged ISIS

Race Forged ISIS

The Trialtech Race ISIS cranks feature a strong and dependable forged 6061 construction. By using a forged manufacturing process the mechanical properties of the material are enhanced and result in a crank with an excellent strength to weight ratio. The hollowed out back section removes material where it is least efficient, helping to keep the weight down while allowing material to be used in more beneficial areas of the crank. The cranks also offer excellent frame/brake clearance (particularly beneficial for very compact frame designs).

Designed to be used with a front freewheel or threaded sprocket, the Race ISIS have International Standard freewheel threads, and offer enough thread to make them compatible with almost any freewheel/sprocket and bashring combination. By using the ISIS bottom bracket fitting, the Race ISIS cranks are not only lighter than traditional square taper cranks but also result in a stiffer and stronger over all drivetrain system.

The cranks are available in 165mm, 170 and 175mm lengths, finished in a tough matt black anodising and featuring a stylish Trialtech laser etched logo.


Please note: The minimum required thread contact between crank arm and sprocket/freewheel is 7mm, and a 1.37" sprocket/freewheel with maximum internal thread diameter 33.80mm (NOT 1.375") must be used. Failure to adhere to this instruction will damage the cranks threads and this is not covered under warranty.