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Trialtech | SL Ti UCI Half
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SL Ti UCI Half
SL Ti UCI Half

SL Ti UCI Half

Taking Trialtech’s distinctive minimalist design a stage further, the Trialtech SL UCI half ring is one of the lightest production 18t bashrings in the World! Designed to offer protection to your sprocket/freewheel when riding with your ‘correct’ foot forward.

Made from top grade 4Al-6V Titanium, the SL UCI bashring is much stronger than it looks! While just 3mm thick, the inherent strength of the material and design allows the bashring to offer much stronger protection than many riders would expect. Each bashring is supplied with an aluminium spacer to allow the moving parts of a freewheel to run without any interference from the bashring (alternatively the bashring can be used without the spacer when a fixed sprocket setup is preferred).

Designed to protect sprockets or freewheels up to 18t, the SL UCI bashring can be fitted on almost all currently available freewheel cranks. Hand finished to a high polish and with laser etched Trialtech logos, the SL UCI bashring is a classy weight saving upgrade for almost any competition trials bike. Customer rating: 5/5.