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Gilles Coustellier Interview

[ Posted: 31/05/2017 ]

The first World Cup this season and your first win using the new Trialtech brake levers, pedals and wheels, congratulations!

Obviously the result was perfect for you, but how did your weekend go in general?

I really enjoyed my stay in Aalter and more generally in Belgium. We like going to Belgium and without our kids it was a perfect break with victory!!! We really have appreciated our Indian meal the day before the race !!

There was a wide range of age and experience levels in the Final - was it a weekend where the more experienced riders had an advantage?  Or was the competition so open that any rider could have taken victory?

I don't think so, to me each race is open to the whole range of riders but that's right the older riders were on that podium!!! We are still present !!

For your preparations and training this year did you change anything or work on any specific areas?
I did not change completely my preparation but I have tried other things and I am still working hard to keep level. For this race, my preparation have worked well but now I have to focus on the next races.

Did you learn anything from the first event that will make you adjust your training?
Each race is so different that I always learn about it, in winning or losing. The negative points I have to think are about my 2 fives that I could have avoid, so I have to take them into consideration for next races.

The feedback we received from you about the brake levers in training was incredibly positive, did that continue in to how they felt/performed during competition?

Your brakes are the best to me from the beginning and I even think they are better after a lot of training so that is important to feel confident during races when you are sure about your spares.

Your feedback about the performance of your Trialtech brake levers and Coust pads was very positive, especially after fitting your new Trialtech wheels - does that performance increase affect your confidence and riding level?
It is the same to me, Trialtech brake levers, Trialtech wheels and Coust pads from my father are the best combination to feel confident and focus on the techniques for the sections. Moreover they all fit so well on my Clean carbon bike!

When we were developing the new rims our testing showed a significant improvement in stiffness over single wall rims of a similar weight, but is it something you have noticed when you are riding?
A double wall rim is more efficient than a single wall rim and the best is that it is lighter and more rigid, so it only has advantage!

Thanks again for representing Trialtech components, and huge congratulations on the amazing start to your season!
Thank you for offering me the possibility to use your parts and to support me.

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