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New Thomas Oehler Video

[ Posted: 06/03/2009 ]

Those of you who have seen Thomas ride, either in real life or in videos, will know that he has a combination of a controlled and smooth riding style with big moves and awesome style that cements his place as one of the best all-round trials riders in the world. This new video shows you some of that smooth riding at an indoor training area in Austria. Head to the videos section for the download link, or go here for the Vimeo version!

The video was filmed and edited by Simon Betterridge from Australia while he was travelling around Eruope. The filming and editing quality help to make this a really relaxed feeling video that is well worth taking the time to watch!

As many of you will know by now, Thomas suffered an unfortunate broken ankle a couple of months ago. The good news is that Thomas is now out of the cast and on the road to recovery. He hasn't been able to ride again yet as he is still building the strength back up in the damaged ankle, but he did managed to take a Mitsubishi Evo for a test drive in the snow! It's a tough life sometimes! haha

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