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New Dealer and TRA Video from Norway!!

[ Posted: 29/05/2009 ]

It's double good news from Norway this week, with the addition of not only a new Trialtech dealer for the country but Trialtech team rider TRA is well on his way to recovery and has started making new videos already!

Firstly Trialtech would like to welcome Sykkel & Fritid Hamar AS to the constantly expanding worldwide dealer network! With both an online ( physical shop that are run by a group of keen and experienced riders, customers from Norway can be sure they will get the absolute best service and advice for all Trialtech products.

Sykkel & Fritid Hamar AS will be stocking a wide range of Trialtech parts and accessories and are due to receive their first delivery around the 5th of June. Keep an eye on their website or give them a call for an update on their delivery and available stock.

The next piece of great news is that team rider TRA is finally in the stages of recovery that allows him to ride is bike again! After a broken wrist, a major operation to fix the wrist and over 7 months off the bike, TRA was extremely excited to get back out riding again. He put together a short video of his first proper ride after the 7 month break, and it is quite literally unbelievable how much power, technique and smoothness he still has! You should always expect great videos from Thomas, but this, well, it was a shock when all things are considered!

To see the video go HERE.

We are definitely looking forward to hearing that Thomas' wrist is recovering well and seeing his riding and videos go from strength to strength throughout the summer!

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