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Winter Training on Hold for Thomas!

[ Posted: 23/12/2008 ]

Some bad news just reached me from team rider Thomas Oehler. Thomas was at the local skate park riding his demo/fun bike and getting some good riding done. Unfortunately on a 360 over the spine Thomas had an unlucky fall (maybe it was the 13th jump?) and landed awkwardly on his ankle. His first thoughts were he had just twisted it and that it was ligament damage. However, as he was moving his ankle he could hear a "clicking" noise. After a trip to the hospital and some x-rays (see the x-ray pictures here and here) Thomas found out that while his ligaments were fine, he had broken the end of his fibula clean off!!

The break means at least a few weeks off the bike for Thomas. He has an appointment with the doctors next week where they will check the progress and decide whether to screw the piece of bone in place or let it heal naturally. If they let it heal naturally (the slowest option) then Thomas will be in a cast for around 6 weeks, so could be off the bike for up to 8 weeks in total.

Pretty sad news to hear, but we wish Thomas a full and speedy recovery! We're sure he'll be back riding as great as ever in time for spring. And on the bright side, at least he will be unbeatable on PS3 and Xbox next year!

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