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New Hub, Rims and Snail Cams Now Available!

[ Posted: 12/12/2012 ]

We've just added a few new items to our catalogue; check out our product pages for full details on these great new products!

Trialtech Sport Disc Rear Hub

We are very pleased to introduce the new Sport 135 rear disc hub. Extensively tested by a wide range of riders, this hub strikes the perfect balance between quality, performance and excellent value for money! Its 135mm width makes it the perfect single speed rear disc hub to fit almost all 26” wheel frames.
The hollow cr-moly axle and CNC machined 6061 aluminium hub shell give an excellent strength to weight ratio and high quality sealed cartridge bearings ensure excellent durability and super smooth running in all conditions. The IS disc mount is designed specifically to cope with the heavy brake forces of trials riding, and it is significantly thicker than those on other similar hubs. The Sport 135 rear disc hub is available in 32h drilling with a matt black anodised finish and laser etched logos and comes supplied with a pair of high quality cr-moly steel bolts and serrated washers.

Trialtech Sport Lite Rims

Making use of some of the excellent features of our SL rims, such as the single wall design and square holes, the new Trialtech Sport Lite rims offer excellent performance at a low weight.
At 47mm wide, the Sport Lite rear rim helps to reduce unwanted tyre roll on off-camber surfaces even at low tyre pressures while the unique rim section design adds stiffness and strength. The valve hole is drilled at the rim join, allowing an additional hole to be machined opposite to further save weight and the un-eyeletted design saves around 50g in comparison with similar rims. The high grade aluminium gives excellent braking performance when ground and, thanks to the close tolerance anodised braking surfaces, even when left smooth. The Sport Lite front rim offers the same weight saving benefits and individual looks as the rear and is suitable for both disc or rim brakes.
The Sport Lite rear rim is available in 19" and 26" versions and the Sport Lite front rim is available in 20" and 26". Both come with 32h drilling and a classy gloss black or silver anodised finish with stylish and ultra-high quality Trialtech laser-etched logos at the rim join/valve hole.
Trialtech Snail Cam Chain Tensioners

We've wanted to produce a snail cam tensioner that improved on those that are currently available for a while now, so we are extremely pleased to announce the release of the Trialtech Snail Cam tensioners! CNC machined from cr-moly and aluminium, they are sold individually to allow you to tailor your setup to your own specific needs.
The alloy Sport Lite cam, which weighs just 7g, is CNC machined from 7075 aluminium.  The anodised gloss black finish with machined pocket gives the Sport Lite snail cam a unique and classy appearance. The aggressive design of the notches means that once you have reached your desired chain tension, the wheel should be securely held in that position.
The cr-moly Sport HD cam, weighing in at 18g, is also CNC machined and has tough surface treatment to help prevent corrosion and keep the snail cam looking good. A series of incrementally smaller holes re designed to reduce weight without compromising strength. The increased durability of the cr-moly material allows for greater tooth resolution, meaning that you can really fine-tune the adjustment of your chain tension using the small but positive micro notches.
We have made these cams available individually, rather than in pairs, so whether you prefer the durability offered by two steel cams, the low-weight option of running two alloy cams, or the middle-ground option of running a steel cam on the drive side and an alloy cam on the non-drive side the Trialtech snail cam tensioners offer the solution for you. It also means that if you damage one of your cams you can simply replace it, rather than having to buy a whole new pair.
All of these items are available to order from your local Trialtech dealer now!

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