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Great Performance from Trialtech Riders at Heubach World Cup

[ Posted: 22/04/2013 ]

The opening round of the UCI World Cup took place in Heubach this weekend. It was a controversial round, with the current World Champion retiring in protest and many riders complaining angrily about the event afterwards - from what we can tell at this early stage, most complaints centre around the fact that the difficulty level of the sections was too high, even in the quarter finals, and was not adjusted to take the weather and conditions into account, making them difficult and dangerous and resulting in a pretty poor spectacle for those watching.

Despite all of this, the Trialtech team put in a great performance and came home with some results to be proud of. Extreme Bike Sports riders Thomas and Matthias Mrohs rode well, with Thomas finishing in 26th place in Elite 26" and Matthias in 12th place in Elite 20". Rick Koekoek had a great start in the Semi Final qualifying with few problems and finishing in sixth place in the Elite 20" Final. It was 16 year old Dominik Oswald who was the revelation of the weekend, however. Competing in his first World Cup, and with the sole objective of qualifying for the Semi Final and gaining some international experience, he surprised even himself with his performance! He had the best first lap in the qualifying round, coming in on just 16, and qualified in seventh place for the Final. Not having expected to get so far in the competition, Dominik set off hoping to get through one section and gave his all to try and achieve this goal. Cheered on by the spectators, he came to his last section, the tree trunks, which he managed to get through on three points for a total of 58, putting him in fifth position in his first World Cup. Kenny Belaey was absent, still recovering from his injured wrist, as was Janine Jungfels, who will be coming over to Europe later in the season. Congratulations to all of our riders and an extra special well done to Dominik for his remarkable achievement! Hopefully the first of many!

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