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Vasek Kolař

An incredibly talented and creative rider from Blansko in the Czech Republic, Va�ek has been the Czech Biketrial Champion in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. He has been BIU World Champion in various categories and has been competing in the Elite category since 2008, where he is currently ranked second. In 2013, Va�ek will be competing on both the BIU and UCI world circuits

Name: Va�ek Kolar

Nickname: Vasha

Age: 21

Height: 1.84 m

Weight: 71 kg

Years riding: 15

Best results/achievements: 2012 BIU Elite No. 2 and I jumped on Mount Everest just on the rear wheel

Favourite food: Pasta, Pizza, Steak and many other

Favourite drink: Water, Beer, �Life is drive� energy drink

Favourite music: Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap

Other interests/sports: Snowboard, Freestyle BMX, Videos, Basketball.

Other sponsors: Life is Drive, Nugget, O�Neal, Chimpanzee, DRESSLERshop, Monty, Trialtech.