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Flipp, if that is his real name (it isn't), is from the UK and is arguably the leading rider in brakeless street trials. His huge moves, technical ability, creativity and flow set him apart from the crowd and his riding is bigger and better than most people's, even those WITH brakes! Flipp's riding a selection of our lightest parts on his brakeless 20" bike and mixes TGS trials with streety BMX riding to produce his own awesome and unique style.

Age: 25 (born in 1990)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 11.5 stone.

Years riding: Since mid-2006.

Favourite food: Macaroni cheese.

Favourite drink: Vanilla Coke (but since that's incredibly hard to get hold of: Cherry Coke).

Favourite music: Tehn

Other interests/sports: Most things bike-related, reading - fantasy novels, mostly - and making things on/with computers